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I often lurk on this sub for inspiration maintaining my weight. Usually, this sub is very wise and supportive. But this month, thanks to a lot of new members who haven't found success yet, the quality of advice has plummeted.

For example: encouraging an obese person to not worry about dieting yet, just go for a walk after dinner. Now, this sub used to be religiously CICO, so we all know a light walk isn't going to burn off a 800 Cal dinner!(oh who am I kidding, of he"s not tracking. it wasn't just 800 Cal...)

Example 2: Celebrating a binge because you "deserved it" or "needed it." If you want platitudes about how shitty food is self-care, find a "healthy at any size" group, not a weightloss group. Turning to food for comfort feels good, and getting praise for that feels good, but it won't help you lose weight.

Example 3: The phrase "my body wants something" is being used here in an unironic manner. The old /r/loseit would frankly tell you that junk food is addictive, so get ready for withdrawal symptoms. Junk food is crafted to be hyperpalatable, with a beautiful appearance, aftertaste, and odor engineered to make you crave it. If you are craving a chocolate eclair, it's not because of a vitamin deficiency!! Anemic people crave ice chips, but they're not deficient of water... bodies can be fooled.

Now normally I would just shake my head and move on--it's just silliness on the internet, don't read if you don't like it! But when I look at the comment sections of these shitposts, I see other n00bs responding with "I needed to see this today," and "I binged last night and felt bad, but now I see it's okay, thank uuuu😘💖🎂🍕" AND THAT IS BAD. I want members of this sub to be successful, not follow shitty advice!

It's January 20th. Many of y'all have been dieting for THREE WEEKS. If this describes you, maybe have some humility before doling out advice to other people. Come participate, encourage others, and ask for help. But don't present yourself as knowledgeable when you haven't found success yet!

((My stats in case anyone asks, maintaining at 125 lb, 5'4", 30 years old, highest weight ever was pregnant at 170 lb.))

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