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The friendlier part of reddit. Have a fun conversation about anything that is on your mind. Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process.

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I made this subreddit.
3 days ago
Stickied post

neatured = neat + featured

Hey all, time for this month's neatured things!

Quick recap on "neatured". We flair certain threads with a "neat" flair. Generally they are random threads we consider in the spirit of the sub or just darn neat. We think there are some neat subs out there too.

Let's check them out...


We are /r/BrokeHobbies. Here is the description for our sub: "This is a forum for hobbyists who are either unable or unwilling to sink massive amounts of money into their hobby. It's OK to just enjoy things without being elitist about it. All hobbies welcome!"

I founded this subreddit to serve as a hub for hobbyists of Reddit who are tired of the elitism and gatekeeping on many hobby subreddits. We already have a wide variety of posts from a variety of hobbies, and there are some seriously talented people in our community! If you don't have a lot of money to sink into an expensive hobby, or if you are a beginner/amateur at what you do but still want to share something you are proud of, please join our community! All hobbies are welcome in our supportive and positive community!

last month's featured sub was r/OldManDog, you can view previously featured subs in our [wiki]

K, thanks and keep on making neat things!

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I made this subreddit.
5 days ago
Stickied postModerator of r/CasualConversation

Hey everyone,

It's been a good year for r/CasualConversation (CC), we recently passed 500k subscribers wow! Now it's a new year and we are due for another chat about the subreddit, our ideas and its future.

Some milestones and new things

2018 has been a pretty good year for the sub. We've been growing at a fairly decent rate with just enough activity. Seems like things have hit a pretty solid equilibrium. We did add a few small things throughout the year.

For our milestones

  • We recently passed 500,000 subscribers, we gain about 1,500 new subscribers per day.
  • We should be hitting out next bounty quest on the 555,555 subscribers mark.
  • Became trending on Jan12, coincidently the same day as our newly formed holiday "Casual Conversation Day", which also weirdly falls on the birthday of our discord server - kinda spooky if you ask me.

tl;dr We got more traffic, doing a new bounty and celebrated some things.

Some things we did

  • We added two post flairs for topics that are kinda fun ("Pets & Animals" and "Food & Drinks").
  • Our new-reddit-redesign design is now fully up to date, making it have the same look and feel of the classic reddit site, with post flairs being compatible on both old and new reddit. This includes the official mobile app.
  • Say hi to "blob" our new mascot. You'll see blob on our voting arrows, blob gets sad or excited if you up or downvote. Blob is also our main subreddit icon.
  • Two users joined our subreddit mod team, they've been with the sub for years and now they mod, yay, u/Embarrassinghuman & u/Rise_ToThe_Occasion.

tl;dr We added some new flairs, updated some designs, added blob and mods.

Subreddit chats

  • Our subreddit chats have been going pretty darn well too. They seem to consistently have active conversation happening.
  • We're on irc, discord & reddit chat - you should totally check them out.

tl;dr Come on we all know this is just a plug to get more people in our chats.

We've been neglecting some things

We have been neglecting a few areas of the sub and well, there's no excuse to that, we are just being lazy. We will attempt to be less lazy and work on these (if we haven't already) and try to improve or bring in more mods to help.


  • r/SeriousConversation our more serious side has been neglected and been treated like the harry potter under the stairs.
  • We actually did something about it though! The sub is now fully (ok well some wiki pages still need updated but who even reads those) updated. With a fresh paint of css, updated redesign & newer hipper, easier to follow, less annoying rules.
  • You should really check it out, there's been a lot of great threads since the update. If you don't know what it's about, well the sub is like this sub but for in-depth discussions, offer a theory, share an opinion, or pose a question about (almost) any heavier topics you can think of.

tl;dr The serious sub is better.

Neatured & Community Conversation

  • We feature misc subs and threads that we find, well neat on a monthly basis. Neatured is what we call it, no I didn't spell that wrong. On top of that we also host 'Community Conversation' that is supposed to be weekly, which is a topic we pick and pinned on the top of the sub.
  • There's no getting around it, we haven't been putting these threads up and that's pretty much entirely on me. We have a few more sticky announcement threads scheduled for the beginning of the year. After those I'll be sure to be more diligent on making these threads or ask for more help from other mods.
  • If you want to learn more on Neatured and Community Conversation, click those hyperlinks in this sentence.

tl;dr We will work on making these threads happen more often.

Subreddits of interest list on the sidebar

  • On our sidebar we have a list of subreddits that we find interesting, that subs messaged us and asked to be put there or subs that are kinda similar to ours.
  • Unfortunately a lot of those subs are dead/inactive and we haven't trimmed the list down. We'll go through the list of subs and remove any dead subs.
  • If you mod a sub and would like to see that sub on our sidebar, then shoot us a modmail saying so. Or if you are just a normal user and would like to suggest a sub to be placed there, suggest it in the comments.

tl;dr The sub list on the sidebar will be updated.

Questions to you

We like to ask the community about the sub and our moderation. We try to focus on making you happy (or most of you). Help us help you by answering some questions!

  • Where are all you people coming from, how did you find us?
  • Is it annoying that subs constantly annoy you to join their discord?
  • What do you like about our moderation?
  • What frustrates you about our moderation?
  • What would you like to see more/less of on the sub?
  • What would draw you to r/SeriousConversation?
  • We'll prob open up mods apps soon, what would make you a good mod?
  • What subreddits do you think should be on our sidebar of "subreddits of interest"?
  • Did you read this whole thing, none or skim?
  • Do you think we should add more post flairs, if so what categories?
  • Do you have any subs in mind we should feature?
  • Any topics you'd like to be set as our 'Community Conversation'?

tl;dr We asked you questions, feel free to answer all or as many as you like.

Thank You!

You made did it through to the bottom of the post yay!

last years fireside:


I asked him if it worked. He said, "Maybe - I'm not sure. The other kids made fun of my socks AND my hair, but maybe they made fun of Albert Einstein's socks and hair, too. So that's okay."


I am so terrified and so excited. I was such a mess for so long. I had my daughter at 19. Pregnant again at 22. Married the guy. He was a nightmare. But i tried to stick it out. Finally left him and moved on with life.

Made it through college and started teaching 11 years ago. Got married again. And back in November he left. Now here I am - alone with my two kids and four pets. Struggling hard as hell to make ends meet. But I found an online masters program that would result in me making an extra 10k a year.


It’s gonna be a shitty, hungry, and exhausting two years, but I am so looking forward to eventually being able to breathe.

That’s all. The kids and my parents are asleep so I can’t tell them. So I’m telling internet strangers instead.

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7 hours ago

We were really great friends back in highschool. We met playing RuneScape back in 2008-9. We fell out of touch for a while. My roommate decided we should play the game again, so I decided to log on and he was online! I was so excited that I jumped out of my computer chair! We decided to meet in person finally and what a great idea it was! 7 hours of flights and two planes later, it was totally worth the hassle to get over here.

Life is crazy! :)


It was a tough day. A good day though as my relationship was a broken one with my now exwife. But that simple act of kindness helped me smile and be grateful for even the small things.

Edit: Thank you for the gold my friend. I dedicate it to human kindness. There have been times in my life where I haven't been so kind. Both to myself and to my exwife. (As you can read about if you follow the comments.) Although I am embarrassed by my previous indiscretions, unkindness, my past doesn't have to define my future. I'm excited for a new day and the opportunity to help my boys learn from my mistakes. Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes.


I just spent the better part of the last hour flipping through my comment history and laughing at all the jokes and topics I've been part of on Reddit since I've joined. A supreme waste of time to be sure, but I absolutely could not pull myself away from it.

Here's to hoping that I'll see this one again some day too.

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