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Hey people

Free shit from the admins? Sure, sign us the fuck up! Oh, it's for "coins". Maybe not then, I think we should at least get a pencil or a t-shirt or something. After all, literally all of us have cancer and need life-saving reddit merchandise to keep going.

Meh, whatever, let's do it anyway.

Here are the categories that /u/jackson1442 came up with. So it's his fault for being unoriginal, and my fault for being okay with that.


• most choosy

• most beggy

• best comment

• worst comment

• best overall

I'll add a couple more:

  • best self post (just text)

  • best satire/meme/song post ^(that probably should have been removed)

Make your nominations here and/or upvote your favorites.

PS the "Next!" lady was posted in 2017 and does not qualify for this year's contest.


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I was coming home from a work trip to New York City and on my local train. It was about 6pm on a Friday and the train was full of people, including many who had to stand.

At one point, a sloppy looking woman in pajamas gets on board. She looks a bit panicked and gets on her cell phone to make a call. To be brief, I overhear that she’s starting a job at a restaurant that night and she’s late. She’s arguing with, I’m assuming, her new manager. She gets off the phone and starts talking to me. I have my earbuds in. So, I play dumb for a moment and then finally pull one out.

CB: Do you know what time this train gets to X station?

Me: Let me check. pulls out timetable pamphlet and starts reading Looks like 6:25.

CB: Okay, can I have that? points to pamphlet

Me: Um, sure?

Note that these pamphlets are free and laying around everywhere - not to mention, you can just look up timetables on your phone. So, it’s not a big deal for me to give it away. I hand it to her and hope it shuts her up.

The CB takes the pamphlet and, after a few moments, begins staring at me intensely. I try to focus on my music and tune her out. Eventually, she taps me on the arm to get my attention. I pull out an earbud and turn a bit in her direction.

CB: Can I have your watch? points to my Apple Watch

Me: Uh, do you need to know the time? It’s 6:10.

CB: No, I just want the watch. It’s really cool. she smiles really big

Me: Lady, I’m not giving you my watch.

CB: Why? You’re a lawyer or something. You can afford another one. another big smile

I shifted away from her and got off at the next station. As I was leaving, she was bothering someone else. Oh, and I am not a lawyer.


Sorry for length but this is a crazy story.

Im 19 now, but when i was 16 i used to babysit as i was educating myself for childcare (i live in sweden and we study a specific area of professions starting at 16 years old and i was currently free alot from school because of my anxiety, social anxiety and depression) and it would look good on my resume. I love kids and enjoyed the work and took 100 swedish kr per hour (like 10$) and no one ever had a problem with this cost as i cooked, did dishes, didn't charge extra for multiple kids and activated the kids mentally.

I had a few regulars, enter the CB; a friend of three of my regulars that got my number from the mother of 4 of the kids i had every wednesday from 2 pm to 11 pm. She called me and asked me to take her daughter in her home that wednesday. This was the conversation:

CB: Hey i need u to watch my daughter this wednesday. 6 am to 11.30 pm. Show up at 5 am so i see you with her. M: uhm hey, sorry but i have other mothers kids every wednesday. My friend from school also babysits, i could ask her for you. CB: NO. I want YOU to do it! other mom is the one who GAVE me your number so ITS FINE. M: Oh uhm i have to ask her first.. CB: NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ASK HER YOU'RE GOING TO TRUST ME.

I should have ran right here but i needed money and the times she was asking would've earned me 1750 kr (175 $) so i called other mom and asked about it. She said she needed me that wednesday but said it was alot of money she knew i needed so she took my friends number and said it was fine. So i contacted the CB again:

Me: Ok so ill show up at 5 am, no need to pay for the observational hour (common practise for me). CB: Good. See you then. Me: Yes of course, how old is your daughter? So I'm fully prepared! CB: Shes 3 months old. Me: Oh.. Are you going to leave a schedule? And food and stuff? She's really young so i assume you'll want strict food and sleep times? CB: Eh, I'll leave food and if she cries just try things until she stops. Me: Uhm ok.. Well, see you wednesday! 100 kr an hour is my rate. CB: Yeah yeah whatever.

I was really nervous already cause it was a really young child and the mother had a really wierd attitude but again, i was young and really needed money.

I showed up at 5 am and the CB said hi, handed me her baby (who was already crying) and walked out the door. I was really confused as she said she wanted to observe us together but just assumed she was called in early or something. Inbounced the baby and got her to sleep and thats when i noticed how dirty everything was. So i decided that since the baby was sleeping I'd do some cleaning and put the food i brought for the day in the fridge. That's when i realized there was no baby formula or breastmilk anywhere. I texted the CB but she didn't anwser so i called my friend and asked her to pick formula up and come over with it real quick as i couldn't leave this poor baby hungry. I sent her some of my own money to get it and that was that. The baby was still asleep so i put a pillow on the floor next to the crib (she had no baby monitor) and got some sleep. At about 11 am the baby woke up and i fed her. The whole day went rather smoothly, i did some laundry, the dishes, cleaned the house and took the baby for a long walk in the stroller. The baby was really young so she mostly slept, thats why i did all that housework. Well 11.30 pm rolls around, the baby is sound asleep and im sitting in her room just waiting to go home. The CB comes home and i walk out there. This was our conversation:

CB: Hey. Why is the house not clean? (I'll tell you right now, tge difference was huge). Hows babys name? Me: Oh.. Uhm.. Sound asleep, she's been an angel all day. CB: Hm. She is not a calm child, how did you manage that? (She laughs a little) Me: We had no problems! But.. I noticed there was no food.. I had a friend bring over som formula but i need to be paid back for that.. CB: ... Excuse you? Of course she needs food what did you expect?? And why is my house not CLEAN? (Mind you, i cleaned and stuff at other houses but it's no guarantee. But the house was way cleaner than before!!) Me: Yeah but you said you would leave food.. And I'm not a maid.. I'm a babysitter.. So i would like that money back with my payment please.. CB: PAYMENT?! (I got genuinely startled at her sudden outburst) Me: ..Y.. Yes.. My money..? CB: YOU WANT MONEY FOR THIS SHIT? YOU'RE DELUSIONAL AND WONT GET A "öre" (very very little money) FROM ME!!

I was in shock and so close to crying, i could usually manage the social anxiety around the kids and parents but i was so close to having a full breakdown.


At this point i was crying and having shortness of breath CB physically pushes me out of her house and slams the door in my face. I walk about 200 m then crawl up on a bench crying, shaking and having a full breakdown. I was only 16 and thought she could and would to everything she said. After about 80 minutes i called my father who had been super worried about me as i wasn't home yet. He came and got me home as i was still crying and telling him about what happened. He was visibly upset but i guess he mostly wanted to get me home to my medication, dog and bed. The day after i wake up at about 1 pm and my phone was blowing up. The choosing beggar was cussing me out because my father had called CPS, the other parents i babysit for and the police because of how i was treated by her. After a few anxiety attacks my dad came home and blocked her number. I was called by CPS and the police to give statements and i was so nervous but told them everything. I got an outpour of love from the other parents and never heard anything about her again.

So: To the CB who left her child without food with a stranger (no observation period at all), was ungrateful, expected alot from a 16 year old, refused to pay me at all and than physically assaulted me. I hope your daughter got a better home and you got the worst possible punishment.

Sorry again for length, I've just never been so angry as when i think back to what this woman did.

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