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In the movie Birdbox, seeing as animals aren't affected, guide dogs would be the most valuable animal companion to have over a bird

Well this is my first post thats had over 1k upvotes, thak u all. Also if u havent seen the movie it appears there are alot of spoilers in the comments so be mindful before reading

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level 1
10.6k points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago


. . . .

In the novel, there are three dogs. One is Victor, who is the dog of one of the survivors in the house. Two survivors, Tom and Jules, go out blindfolded and bring back two Siberian Huskies on their mission to wrangle up a few dogs for security.

Later, when Gary opens the curtains in the house in an attempt to get the survivors the look at the creatures, one of the Huskies is thrown against a wall during the madness and killed, and the other is presumed to have run away through an open door.

Afterwards, Malorie takes Victor as a seeing eye dog while searching a bar/nightclub in the neighborhood for audio equipment. While Victor's leash is tied to a beam in the club, Malorie searches the bar while blindfolded. One of the creatures is inside and while blindfolded, she hears Victor see the creatures and go insane. Victor begins screaming and howling horribly and chews his own leg off in a mad fit of self-destruction. Malorie's instinct is to kill Victor but she apologies for bringing him and runs away, in shock from what she's heard and from the terrible realization that dogs are NOT immune to the effects of gazing at a creature.

level 2
4.2k points · 7 days ago

Very interesting. You say there is a creature inside too! So they aren't somehow magically prevented from entering a building, it's just they can't open doors on their own or something?

level 3
5.9k points · 7 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Nope, there's nothing stopping them from going indoors, they just need an open door. A creature is inside the room with Malorie and Olympia when they're giving birth. That's when Olympia see it, not like in the film where she sees it from outside the window. The film did some REALLY stupid stuff with the creatures. They don't shake trees, make leaves levitate or appear to you as your worst fear or dead loved one. They don't speak to you in voices either. They seem to just... exist. It's almost as if they don't even know what their effect is. They don't open doors but will go through open doors, though. They don't even seem actively malicious. A creature almost takes Malorie's blindfold off when she's on the river. It pulls the blindfold from her face and she puts her hands on the blindfold and says, "This is mine" and after a tense moment, the creature leaves.

Edit: cleaned up my comment for clarity and added some new context.

Edit: Thank you for the silver!!!

level 4
2.4k points · 7 days ago

My impression was always that there was nothing proving they were creatures at all, let alone malicious. I came away with a strong lovecraftian vibe... something along the lines of them/it being made of extra-dimensional geometries which the human mind cannot comprehend, and to see one just breaks you. An interesting (but less dramatic) perspective on something like this can be found in the book Flatland.

I honestly found the movie far less scary exactly because of the clear malicious intent.

level 5

Dude I didn’t read the book but this or the comment above would have made the movie make a whole lot more sense. There were so many gaping plot holes and inconsistencies in the movie.

level 6
386 points · 7 days ago

Always seems like a movie that really explores some themes could be interesting,but it always ends up being fairly constrained and generic instead. Even taking into account the limitations of what could reasonably be depicted, some plots feel dumbed down.

level 7
143 points · 7 days ago

The problem with trying to explore themes in a movie is they need to fit it all in to a roughly 120 minute timeframe. Longer than that and many people simply get bored. Sometimes they can pull it off, but not nearly as often as they get it wrong.

level 8
42 points · 7 days ago

A big problem in this specific case is that movies operate on "show, don't tell," but Bird Box couldn't show much because of the nature of the monsters and all that.

So they're limited by the amount of content they can put into the movie, and also by the fact that they're adapting a book that I don't think can be adapted into a movie well.

It's an interesting theme that never realizes its potential in this format.

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level 6

Yeah I appreciate the story a lot more after reading this thread because it sounds like the book didn’t have most of the mistakes that were present in the movie

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level 5
160 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Agreed! I find their mysterious nature deeply terrifying. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out!

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level 5
112 points · 7 days ago

I honestly thought they were mindflayers

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level 5
149 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

What if they're just dead people acting as windows to the afterlife and that knowledge sends people insane? So these ghosts walking around with vague memories of their former selves barely capable of understanding even their own motivations or the fact that they're psyche bombs

Like the afterlife has fractured and knowledge of that spills into the heads of the still living through the windows of their souls

EDIT: and why those with a damaged perception of reality have that knowledge corrupted so it's less caustic to them?

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level 4
176 points · 7 days ago really is just SCP: The book.

level 5

I just Google'd it and the first image that popped up gave me a heart attack. What's SCP?

level 6
240 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

It's a creative writing exercise about a secretive foundation whose purpose is to secure and contain extranormal items and beings so that they don't wreak havoc on humanity.

Skips ("SCPs", the name given to any of the cataloged items/entities) range in danger from "curious but harmless" to "one wrong move and reality is erased".

SCP-914 is one of my favorites. The test logs are pretty creative.

level 7

That sounds amazing! Thank you for explaining SPC! I gotta check it out tonight

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