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I was wondering what the day is going to look like and how technical it can get.

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I haven’t ran my first marathon yet but I am training for it now. I have tried many plans (including Hal Hodgon’s) and they all resulted in some sort of injury during training.

The one I am on now is this:

It seems to be the most comfortable for me (this is the longest I have gone in training without picking up an injury), and maybe that is because of less consecutive-days runs which you’d find on other training plans.

Whatever you choose just pick one you’d feel comfortable in (mentally and physically ). Best of luck!


I have been interning at a small, but growing company for over a year as a research and a data-scientist assistant.
I'm on the job part-time during the academic year and full-time during the summer.

My first day on the job involved me coming to a CPU with faulty magnetic disk - it kept on slagging and crashing it was unbelievable. I offered to use my own laptop but they said it was against the rules. An hour or so later they managed to find me a CPU with none of the software I need (excel, pgAdmin, a decent text-editor, etc.). I let them know of that, and it wasn't until another hour that they found me a (temporary) computer with the software I need.

Similar events followed on multiple occasions since then. And regardless of that, I have given the job my all. I changed queries that the data-scientist wrote to run in half of the time, wrote documentations for tables that everyone seemed to who have forgotten what purpose they serve, and what not (without even being asked to). When the summer time approached, they asked me to stay on during the summer and after the summer too. I informed them that I am currently looking for internship opportunities more focused on software instead of data and research. They gave me a month to decide and said, "You can definitely do some work with the development team here!". I thought I was in a pretty good position - I had 3 on-sites throughout this month, but a few days into that month my manager called and said, "you need to inform us if you're on board or not because if not, we'd need to start the hiring process".

I was not confident in my abilities then and I couldn't deal with not having a job during the summer, so I didn't take the risk and stayed. A summer and a semester later; I still do my own boring, super-repetitive work, my computers and desks keep changing, and I haven't seen any development work at all.

Is this normal? Is it time for me to just bite the bullet and move on? I feel very constrained and my motivation for contributing goes down by the minute.

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So, a bit of a background: a little over 2 years ago, I decided I'd run my first half-marathon with only a month and a half of preparation. I'm a male, 176cm long, 22 and I weighed 75kg - roughly. Anyway, I only ran once a week (long runs - sometimes the 13.2 miles) and I managed to finish the half-marathon in 2:04. No injuries, no muscle problems. I really enjoyed the experience.

For personal reasons, I stopped running for a year. And 2 months ago I started preparing to run my first marathon in May 2019 - 20 weeks from writing this. 2 months ago, when I first started training, I followed the Hal Hidgson plan. Week 2 of the plan I had shin splints and a hip injury for the first time of my life. I really disliked running on 3 consecutive days, and my body just didn't take it well. I stopped running again to recover. And I am now on this plan, which I'm much more comfortable with.

Anyway, my pace on the 3-mile runs so far has been varying - it can go from 8:15 to 10:53 (I live in a super hilly place, so it depends on the route and how I'm feeling). There's a bit of a psychological factor to that because I do enjoy the long runs much more than the short ones.

In terms of my goals, I'm aiming just to finish the 26.2 and anything else would be a bonus. Is that realistic?I really appreciate you taking the time to read all this, I apologise for the long post. Thank you!


You'll be fine. Just don't go out too fast or the last six could be painful. Stick to your pacing and make sure your hydration and fuel is worked out.

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Thanks for the kind words, I shall keep that in mine!

I should have asked how your long runs are going. If you're just looking to finish, just be sure you're hitting your long run goals and you should be good. I'll probably be downvoted but that's my opinion. Honestly, for a strong willed person, "just finishing" 26.2 isn't that hard if your pacing is correct relative to your ability and your water and fuel is figured out. Getting faster is the hard part.

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Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

Long runs are good, the best part about the training I’d say. Actually, before starting training I’ll do spontaneous long runs for fun. An example would be a 10-mile run out of the blue with an average pace in the range of 9:33-10:33 per mile.

You raise some really good points there.

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Guys, guys, guys. Can we all just stop and remember the Klopp bottle shake?

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