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Hello from Montreal, cute boy!



I am a gay french Canadian boy living in the Montreal area

I am not really lonely, but I am often bored and I want to change that in 2019

I work full time, I just finished my degree, I live with my parents, moving in the next months probably.

I think I’m a funny and an easygoing person, a bit shy at the start but really nice!

I like talking of anything, boardgames, music, concert, history, museum, theater, skiing and waterskiing, wakeboarding, walking, tea, netflix

No need to be in the LGBT community, as long as you are ok with it!

I am way better in french than in english but it could be a good way to learn if you don’t speak french ;)

I am not looking for hookup or FWB, just some friends to speak with and maybe hangout if possible. Dm me if you are interested :)


I been to Positano and It is one of my best memory in Italy. I wasn't expecting that beauty!

I am living in Montreal, so I'll vote for you to come here!

Ask a friend or a family member to help you with that.

25m from Montreal!

25, Montréal

Congratulation about this new step! How do you feel about that? Last week I « dated » and kissed someone else than my ex for the first in 4 years. I don’t know how it make me feel yet, it was not really what I expected.

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