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Op you can't group assume everyone who has characteristics of other assholes or follows trends is a douchebag. I'm sure there's lots of them you might actually like if you spent some time with them

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r/starterpacks is about stereotypes and generalizations dumbass

Not even joking I scrolled passed this post and I could smell it. Good job sir.

You forgot to mention that he hasn’t showered in weeks.

I hope geology doesn’t get upvoted. It’s the stupid people science.

Are you saying Rongo is a bad singer?

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/uj i really like rogno's tracks but everytime i;m falling asleep to here, there and everywhere i just get jump scared by yellow's submarine

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Ok good I thought I would have to make you disappear with peace and love✌️❤️💖🥦🎶🎵☮️❤️🦏

These are scams aren’t they?

Bitch doesn’t even know greek though

  • mega nose* This is a serious meassage for anyone watching my update video peace and love peace and love. After the 20th of October I will no longer receive fan mail, I have too much to do. I will not be signing anything, if it has a date on it I will throw it out. No more fan mail, thank you, peace and love.
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