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Score hidden · 13 minutes ago

Let the Senate vote and pass this proposal. Then once it gets brought to the House, amend the bill for permant DACA. Pass in the House and send back to the Senate to vote on the amended bill. If McConnell refuses to hold a vote, or Trump vetos the approved bill, then it puts the blame right back on Trump or the GOP 

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Score hidden · just now

Why hello thar fellow D1Pshit.

Score hidden · 1 minute ago

Trump is offering a temporary DACA extension...right after SCOTUS effectively gave DACA a temporary extension by declining to take the case. What a bigly dealmaker.

Score hidden · 1 minute ago

So Trump is offering a temporary DACA extension...right after SCOTUS effectively gave DACA a temporary extension by declining to take the case. What a bigly dealmaker.


The only reason I'm online right now is because I'm connected to the Spectrum wifi hotspot on the Promenade.

P.S. Fuck every single person fighting to stop the cellular carriers from adding tower capacity.


Um what carrier do you have? I have TMobile and im always fine.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 minutes ago

Verizon, and during the warmer months basically every single weekend there's at least one day where cellular service is just unusable (assuming the nice weather today drew enough people out to make the problem pop up today). After going back and forth with them for a while they admitted they know it's a problem and offered to let me out of my contract without a penalty.

If you're not near the Promenade that's probably why you're fine.

Y'all do realize STDs existed before HIV right?

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The only incurable one you realistically had to worry about was herpes, though.

The Orville seemed to name drop Discovery last week with their Tyler being uncovered as a Krill altered to look human. I think the writers over there are Star Trek super fans like the rest of us.

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I think McFarlane tried to get CBS to let him do a Trek show but got turned down.

Ronan Farrow is an ok journalist.

I am surprised that the trump administration wouldn’t issue a denial to the report. They lie about everything so why not just issue a denial?

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Score hidden · 4 hours ago

Recall that only one sentence of the Buzzfeed piece referred to the Special Counsel. They are disputing characterizations in one sentence.

As for why they wouldn't issue a denial to the report, the reaction from Trumpworld yesterday prior to the SCO statement reeked of "we don't know what Mueller knows". While you did eventually get the flat denials from Sarah Huckleberry Slanders and Bat Boy, the flat denial would have been the immediate reaction if they were actually confident that it couldn't be true.

Also, if it was pure bullshit, then why did Trump go on Twitter to once again threaten Cohen vis-a-vis his father-in-law?

Score hidden · 3 hours ago

Lol Bat Boy. I don’t even know who you’re referring to but this made me laugh. Raj Shah? Mick Mulvaney?

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