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Easy stuff first, get battery tested. Some auto shops can even test it for free. If thats fine move on to testing alternator and checking belt condition and tension.

The other light is an indicator there is water in ur fuel. It is bad to get water in fuel going into the engine but diesels have a water separator that just needs to be drained.

Good luck and keep us posted


Well this is my first post thats had over 1k upvotes, thak u all. Also if u havent seen the movie it appears there are alot of spoilers in the comments so be mindful before reading

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I assumed it was just birds that are immune.

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That makes sense, at the time i just assumed that the birds were the first animal on hand that reacted to the creatures being near

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Oh snap, thanks for the silver kind stranger. Im still getting used to all of how reddit works, unsure about the cake icon but thanks for that too!

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okay, so I shouldn't worry about overfilling causing any damage to the joint itself?

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So with some joints they are designed to only have a certain amount of grease in them, but for most they actually are designed to allow excess to see out past a boot. This allows the user to also renew the grease inside by basically overfilling it so the old grease is pushed out. Also as the grease can seep out if it is too much then it will never be "overfilled".

Milo. Sometimes with milk...sometimes without 😋

V for Vendetta, when V meets Evie and says so many v words it was insane. Hugo Weaving is an awesome actor in every movie

Just thought of another. Wife found out i was never vaccinated when i was a kid as my mum thought id get autism (yup one of them). She was gobsmacked and could only say "how are u alive? "...i shrugged and said i was lucky i guess.

Luckily again i joined the army and got as many free vaccinations as i could handle :)

I remember writing this on another thread but here goes:

My parents were convinced that thunder was the result of two clouds banging together. They would even go as far as to demonstrate using two sauce bottles clanking together during dinner. As it was the 90s and i was approaching my teenage years i managed to show on a friends pc using an encyclopedia cd just how lightning and thunder work. I figured showing a credible source would help and they just agreed as if i just clarified their point or something.

Certainly took their advice with a grain of salt after that

I like to use it when its necessary, like when its listed as a step in a repair manual.

Ive also found if ur not sure if u should and its a factory fit bolt, clean it up on a wire wheel (mainly to help with an easier reinstall) and u can often see signs of locktite use like mild staining on the bolt thread

Just start with the basics (sockets spanners screw drivers hammers chisels torches magnetic tools etc) and u'll eventually work out what tools u will need for the different jobs u do...for example i recently borrowed a mates rolling foot pry bar to remove seals and found it suuuper handy so went out and got a set of my own

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